newVoice Connect

newVoice Connect enables your business to access the newVoice Cloud using your existing telephone equipment.

With newVoice Connect, you can experience the advanced features of Cloud-based communications while retaining your existing telecom framework and equipment. One of the biggest benefits? You'll be able to future-proof your telecommunications investment with a system that's designed to grow with your business.

There are three variations of newVoice Connect:

newVoice PRI Connect
Full-featured PRI delivered on either NHC-provided or customer's existing broadband service.

newVoice Analog Connect
Converts your analog voice service to IP voice using the existing analog ports on your key system, hybrid or analog PBX. You can utilize existing or NHC provided Broadband service.

newVoice Native SIP Connect
Enables your NHC-certified, SIP-compatible PBX to connect directly into the newVoice cloud via NHC provided or existing Broadband, without the use of any newVoice network equipment installed at your premise.

Why Connect? Consider these benefits:

No Wire Center Violations
Your new or existing telephone numbers are not tied to one of your locations as in the past. Move and your numbers travel with you.

Bypass Potential Quality/Performance Issues
No down time due to flooding, ground water or old network infrastructure.

Get Detailed Call Record Information
Get access to our newVoice Admin Portal. All activity reports are easily exportable. This detail is unavailable with traditional voice and T1 PRI service. Call forward individual telephone numbers or groups or all the numbers to alternative locations, cell phones or one of our DR/Business Continuity products.

Transition from POTs lines and T1s to Broadband
Leverage your existing Broadband service and cut telecom costs.

Keep Your Existing Phone System
Retain all the phone features your organization knows and uses and still harness the benefits of NHC's Cloud-based newVoice Communications network.

The newVoice suite of products:

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