newVoice Continuity and Disaster Recovery

With NHC and newVoice, you'll never miss a call, no matter what the circumstance.

All businesses are susceptible to network outages, facility issues and extreme weather conditions. This could result in phone line failure and interruptions in your business communications. NHC's newVoice Disaster Recovery and Continuity solutions transcend your local voice and data connectivity. We can help protect your network in any condition or situation, prepare you for any potential outages, and provide you with the peace of mind you'll have knowing your business will keep running no matter what.

There are four variations of newVoice Continuity and Disaster Recovery:

newVoice Virtual Message Center
So employees can access company messages about offices being closed to due weather or power failures

newVoice Virtual Voice Mail
Customer's lead number is forwarded to a general voice mail box. Messages can be retrieved by dialing an access number, or via email

newVoice Virtual Extension
Customer's lead number is forwarded to a virtual telephone number that enables the caller to be sent to voicemail, or linked to a Find Me Follow Me feature to call up to 5 numbers — or linked to a ring group to ring up to 5 telephone numbers (cell phones) simultaneously

newVoice Virtual Auto-Attendant
Allows a customer to call forward their number to our Virtual Auto Attendant, the system can answer and route the caller to departments or individual personnel using virtual extensions or virtual voice mail boxes

The newVoice suite of products:

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