newVoice Hosted PBX

NHC’s newVoice Hosted PBX delivers the undeniable performance and cost advantages of VoIP while meeting the needs of any business.

You’ve had your current system for a while now, and you’ve heard about Cloud technology. However, you’re not really sure how it can benefit your organization. The Solution? newVoice Hosted PBX. newVoice Hosted PBX brings all of your telecommunications into the Cloud. Managing telephone numbers, extensions, auto attendants, advanced features, and protection against power outages are just a few of the many advantages of using this powerful platform. And since newVoice PBX is Cloud-based, you get access to new features as they become available, without having to purchase another box or device on your premise.

Benefits of a newVoice Hosted PBX Solution:

Customized solutions to fit your needs and goals.
Our flexible platform solution, enhanced phone features, and rental and purchasing options ensure the right fit for each organization, including large-scale enterprise environments.

Simultaneous ring, voicemail to email, remote office, virtual presence, auto attendant, call groups, call center and ACD, call recording, and more.

Administrative control.
Carrier-level control of your PBX to change call routing and features, real-time, through our online portal.

Redundancy and disaster recovery.
Never miss a call, no matter what the circumstance.

Unite your workforce.
Easily set up remote workers to appear as if they’re all in the same office, regardless of location.

Savings that may just shock you.
Cloud-based solutions can save you over 20% when you switch from your legacy system.

Unified multi-site communications.
Employees can use extension dialing in all 50 states with zero toll charges.

Unparalleled support.
Our 24x7x365 Customer Service team has got your back. Service issues? Not on our watch.

Customer/Agent support.
Our NHC Academy supplies Agents with all of the tools they need to learn about NHC products, services and network equipment and hardware.

Network equipment and hardware.
Our top-of-the-line equipment and hardware ensures productivity, functionality and sleek design.

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The newVoice suite of products:

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