Wish You Could Manage All Your Communication Services in One Place?

Introducing NHC. The only complete

Managed Services

We manage your networks and apps, you manage your business.

Managed WAN | Managed Voice | Managed Firewall | Managed Security | Managed WiFi | Managed Cloud

Overlay Services

Cloud-native applications for any organization.

UCaaS | VoIP | Contact Center | SD-WAN | Firewall | Security | Collaboration | Cloud

Network Services

Scalable network connectivity options nationwide.

Fiber | Broadband | LTE/5G | Satellite | T1 | Copper | Legacy Voice | DSL | Line of Sight

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What’s the Stack?

Our Communications Stack is the first and only packaged delivery system for every communication service any organization would need. Our three layers include network access, cloud-native overlay technologies, and application and asset management.


Your connectivity is the core of your business. Our Stack leverages various transport mechanisms for high quality, fast bandwidth, anywhere.


This is the fun part. With solid access and management layers behind you, you get cloud-centric communications tools to collaborate like a modern enterprise should.


We deliver transparent network management with proactive notification, visibility, and SD-everything architecture to easily manage multiple networks.

What is our Communications Stack?

Through our branded one-of-a-kind Communications Stack, we deliver a single path to all complex technologies on a single invoice, managed through a single pane of glass, and with streamlined 100% stateside support. There’s no need to go anywhere else for anything.

NHC delivers access to and supplies services over any network anywhere in the US. Our customer-centric approach is focused on managing all projects on your timeline and delivering what you need when you need it.

Our unique Communications Stack brings you the industry’s best solutions, a customer-first approach to projects, and an automated support system, so your technology is always on and always available.

Select a Single Service or Future-Proof Your Business With Our Full Stack

No Matter Your Business Size, NHC Designs and Delivers the Solution You Need

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Finding and managing the right technology shouldn’t be a burden. Our experts connect you with your ideal solutions, whether you’re a multi-location enterprise or a small business.

With NHC, you don’t choose between getting a good experience for your customers and receiving good compensation yourself. We take care of your customers like they are our own.



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