Managed Security Services

NHC’s CloudSecure and EdgeSecure with SD-WAN bring next-generation cloud-native protections for businesses that use the cloud. These new platforms deliver enterprise-grade security fortified with top-rated threat prevention, speedy deployment, and unified management.

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Managed Security That Safeguards
Networks in the Digital Age

Modern security requirements are steadily growing more complex as organizations incorporate cloud-based platforms. Our security solutions are a vital part of The Communications Stack and offer everything businesses need to ensure their networks and customer data stay safe – even as cyber attacks mount in frequency and potency.

Our unique all-in-one approach to managed security includes:

  • Cloud-native security platforms
  • Fortified next-generation firewalls
  • Remote access protection
  • Advanced threat monitoring and protection

Introducing CloudSecure

Next-Generation, Enterprise-Grade, Cloud-Native Security

Finally: Cloud-delivered branch office security you can trust. Our solution includes always-on network monitoring for known threats and threat extraction for any unknown threats that are identified as possible hazards or risks. With enterprise-grade security delivered to branches as a cloud service, you’ll see OpEx savings of up to 40%.

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Introducing EdgeSecure With SD-WAN –

Software-Based Next-Generation Firewall on the SD-WAN Appliance

For organizations that need advanced on-premise security for data privacy, compliance requirements, or location protection, EdgeSecure can run as a virtual machine on SD-WAN or universal customer premise equipment devices.

EdgeSecure offers a 100% cyber attack catch rate while reducing OpEx costs by 40% and CapEx by 20% – and it only takes 5 minutes to implement.

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