Sell Our STACK & Become A Better Advisor

To succeed in the channel, you need to do more than just make one-time sales. The most successful partners are true technology advisors that give their customers guidance that leads to mutual benefit. Your customers grow, and you grow, too. 

You must think beyond individual products and services to become a better technology advisor. Here are four ways selling the communications stack helps you and your customers find greater success: 

#1: You Become Your Customers’ Single Point of Contact

If you’re selling services a la carte, your customers have no reason to go to you for every one of their communications needs. Offer them everything they need from one point of contact and on just one invoice, and they won’t want to go anywhere else. As their single point of contact, you meet all their needs, simplify their technology management, and hold onto that customer for life.

#2: You Build Trust 

The communications stack is comprehensive, but it’s not one-size-fits-all. You can customize the entire stack to your customers’ specific needs. Taking a customer-first approach and giving them exactly what they require across the board builds trust. You become a trusted technology advisor who’s the first call when a customer’s needs change or their business grows.

#3: You Become More Than Just a Salesperson

Our complete communications stack is backed up by our full, expert support. We take care of your customers as if they are our own, and they associate that with your dedication to them long past the close of the sale. Your customers will come to you looking for communications technology guidance, which opens the door to a more consultative sales process where you’re truly delivering them what they need when they need it. 

#4: Your Good Reputation = Even More Business

If someone you know is looking for a recommendation, do you send them to a random salesperson or to someone you trust? When your existing customers are satisfied and see you as their technology advisor, your name is at the top of the referral list. Happy customers are also great resources for testimonials or case studies that can be showcased in your marketing materials – giving you more credibility when prospects are doing their initial research. 

When you sell NHC’s communications stack, you get the best of both worlds. We deliver the technology, then we back it up. Our solution gets your customers connected, then opens the door to advanced, cloud-first services and network management. All the while, we deliver unmatched service and responsive support. Ready to be seen as the trusted technology advisor you always wanted to be? Get in touch with NHC today.