6 Key Takeaways from Check Point’s 2023 Security Report

Cyber attacks increased by 28% worldwide last year, with the average weekly attacks per organization reaching more than 1,130.1 Perhaps even scarier: this trend shows no signs of slowing down, according to Check Point’s 2023 Security Report.

Every year, Check Point shares data and insights on the current cyber threat landscape. To help you stay ahead of the biggest threats this year and beyond, here are our top six takeaways from their comprehensive 2023 report.

Key Takeaways for Preventing Today’s Biggest Cyber Threats

Check Point’s latest security report is packed with tips for protecting corporate networks from the most pervasive cyber threats facing today’s businesses. They offered this guidance for 2023:

1. Cyber Awareness Training Is Still Essential

Social engineering attacks are among the most popular ways to infiltrate business networks. Make your employees the first line of defense against these attempts with frequent cyber security awareness training that covers how to:

  • Identify malicious links and attachments
  • Verify software before downloading it
  • Avoid revealing sensitive data to phishers
  • Use a VPN when connecting via public Wi-Fi

2. Data Backups Are Ransomware’s Biggest Enemy

Ransomware attacks are only effective if the target loses access to their data. By regularly backing up your business’s critical data, any data lost during an attack should be minimal – or non-existent. Make sure to keep backups disconnected from your network or stored in read-only format to prevent hackers from encrypting them during a ransomware attack.

3. Always Be Suspicious of Questionable Emails

Most phishing attacks come through email, so staying aware of common phishing techniques is a must. Phishers often impersonate trusted brands or high-level positions and create a sense of urgency to increase the probability of getting clicks without properly validating the sender. Always note the language in emails, especially those asking you to click on a link or open an attachment, and never share your login credentials. 

Weekly cyber attacks reached an average of 1,130+ per organization last year.

4. Harness Threat Intelligence To Prevent Zero-Day Attacks

Cyber threat intelligence –  the analysis of cyber security information using advanced algorithms – can help businesses stay ahead of evolving threats. By identifying patterns and trends in cyber security incidents, threat intelligence aims to uncover bad actors’ tactics so companies can easily detect and prevent devastating cyber threats like zero-day attacks. You can leverage this technology by working with a managed security provider who offers advanced threat monitoring and protection.

5. Reduce Alert Fatigue By Consolidating Your Security 

If your IT team relies on multiple disconnected security solutions to protect your network, they’re likely already overwhelmed by too much data. Overworked security staff often overlook critical alerts, but you can help by consolidating your security company-wide. With a unified security solution, your IT staff can gain visibility and control across your organization’s entire IT environment and respond faster to security incidents to minimize their impact.

6. Screening Third-Party Vendors Isn’t Optional

Since third-party vendors often have access to your systems and data, they can become a potential entry point for cyber criminals to infiltrate your network. Screening these vendors enables you to assess their security protocols and evaluate their risk to ensure hackers can’t access your data through them. 

Combat Cyber Threats With NHC’s Managed Security Services

Cyber criminals aren’t going anywhere, so businesses of all sizes need stronger defenses against ever-increasing attacks. But with networks growing more complex by the day, finding the tools and support to protect against new threats can be challenging.

NHC’s managed security solutions offer everything businesses need to keep their networks and customer data safe. As a Check Point partner, you can trust us to deliver next-generation, cloud-native protection backed by advanced cyber threat monitoring and support. Reach out today to learn more about our unique all-in-one approach to managed security.


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