6 Reasons To Consider 5G for Backup Internet

Internet connectivity is essential for every business to operate, and any disruption in service can result in costly downtime. Backup internet helps to ensure your organization stays connected even if your primary internet source goes down. But what causes network outages – and do you really have to worry about it happening to your business?

According to a 2022 report, 76% of companies encountered network outages last year.1 Outages can happen for many reasons, including:

  • Severe weather, such as thunderstorms and wildfires
  • Equipment failure resulting from old or improperly-maintained hardware
  • Human error, such as misusing equipment or unplugging a cord
  • Cut cables due to construction or other outdoor activities

In this blog, we’ll explore why businesses need backup internet solutions and what makes 5G the best solution for backup connectivity.

Why Do Businesses Need Backup Internet?

Network outages can happen anytime, whether your business is prepared for them or not. By having a reliable backup internet connection in place, you can:

Ensure Business Continuity

Many business-critical applications and processes rely on internet connectivity, including cloud-based services, emails, customer relationship management (CRM) systems, online collaboration tools, and more. Backup internet helps ensure your employees can access these tools and services without interruption, minimizing the impact on productivity and customer service if an outage occurs.

Mitigate Financial Losses

Downtime caused by outages can cause missed sales opportunities, disrupted online transactions, delayed customer service responses, and decreased employee productivity. A backup internet connection can help your business mitigate these losses by reducing downtime and ensuring smooth operations no matter what.

Support Remote Workers

With the rise of remote and hybrid work environments, businesses are increasingly reliant on the internet to enable employees to work from anywhere. A backup internet connection can help your remote workers stay connected and productive, even if your primary internet service goes down.

Improve the Customer Experience

Losing internet connectivity can prevent your business from responding to customer calls, processing orders, or providing real-time support. Backup internet can help to maintain uninterrupted communications with your customers and address their issues quickly.

5G networks offer high availability and are designed with built-in redundancies.

6 Reasons Businesses Should Deploy 5G for Backup Internet

Using 5G as a backup internet connection can be a fast, cost-effective way for businesses to safeguard against unplanned outages. Here’s why more companies are looking to 5G for backup connectivity:


5G networks offer high availability and are designed with built-in redundancies, so they can provide a more reliable internet connection compared to traditional backup options like DSL or cable.


5G’s fast speeds enable employees to access your business-critical applications, communicate with clients, and perform essential tasks without experiencing laggy or poor-quality connections.


Since 5G operates wirelessly, your business can easily move your backup connectivity as needed. This flexibility lets you maintain operations during natural disasters, temporary office relocations, or on-site projects.


5G networks are designed to support a lot of connected devices at once. If your business needs backup internet for a single location or multiple offices, 5G can handle the high demand efficiently.

Fast Deployment

Implementing 5G backup internet is quick and straightforward compared to setting up wired connections. All your business needs to deploy 5G as a backup connection are compatible devices and a 5G-enabled SIM card.


Deploying 5G can be more cost-effective than investing in wired connections or leased lines, especially since traditional backup solutions often require significant upfront investments and ongoing maintenance costs.

Boost Your Backup Connectivity With NHC’s 5G Internet

By deploying 5G as a backup internet option, you can have peace of mind knowing your critical business operations can continue even during unexpected outages. 5G connectivity is not only more reliable and cost-effective than many other backup solutions – it’s also faster to implement and can be easily scaled to accommodate your needs. 

At NHC, we help businesses get the reliable business connectivity they need with fast, secure backup internet solutions. We leverage our nationwide carrier partnerships to deliver the best connectivity for your end customers’ needs, including our 5G network, which is a popular, low-cost backup option for companies that can’t risk lost revenue due to outages. Contact NHC today to learn more.


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