Advanced IT Technology and Managed Services – A Winning Combination For Both Mid-Market and Enterprise-Level Businesses

Just a few years ago, it seemed that only the largest companies could fit both advanced technology and managed services into their IT budgets. Fast forward to today, both enterprise-level and mid-market businesses are realizing the benefits this key combination offers without breaking the bank.

There are three major reasons for the expanded use of this combination:

  • The costs of managed service support have generally come down as technological improvements have expanded.(1)
  • More companies are realizing that managed services result in greater savings over time and a better ROI.
  • Many don’t have the resources to stay current on the latest advances in technology.

Why Is This Combo Ideal for Mid-Market Businesses?

Mid-sized companies usually have smaller IT departments than their enterprise counterparts. Thus, their IT professional bandwidth tends to max out more quickly. With their plates filling up faster, more of these companies have turned to third-party outsourcing partners over the past few years. Additionally, some companies may have trouble learning and incorporating advanced technology into their IT arsenal.

These organizations have realized that third-party providers that deliver both superior IT and managed services can offer many advantages over expanding in-house IT(2):

  • Sustain overall lower costs
  • Bank on scalability and support for future growth
  • Minimize downtime
  • Gain professional expertise and experience
  • Gain reliable service

Managed services also results in taking various responsibilities off their IT staff, giving them back more time and lessening the amount of day-to-day stress. For mid-market companies with multiple locations, outsourcing ensures all facilities are supported – even if no IT personnel are physically on site.

Why Does This Combo Work for All Enterprises?

Most large corporations have sustainable in-house IT departments and can handle the majority of their IT requirements themselves. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean they avoid using third-party providers altogether. Many reach another level by leveraging advanced IT and managed services, which results in an optimized network with 100% management and ongoing monitoring protection. Here are some additional benefits that this combination delivers:

  • A preventative approach to access and network concerns that sometimes gets overlooked
  • A tech expert partner that jumps on any emergency
  • Cost savings for the business because there’s no need to hire additional IT staff
  • New perspectives into the way IT groups think or hande various situations
  • Time to focus on core business goals and planning(3)

Enterprises have gained trust in third-party providers for their expertise and professionalism. Their partnerships ensure they are able to handle any future issues with high-powered technology infrastructure, communications and collaboration tools and apps, quality management, and thorough monitoring protections. These relationships also mean they’re able to support all facilities no matter their location.

We Can Take Your IT Operations to New Heights

With NHC’s Communications Stack, your organization thrives with complete advanced network technology, security solutions, reliable management, and ongoing monitoring. Enterprise and mid-market organizations need the Stack to achieve these superior solutions along with an expert to manage them.

It’s this special combination of managed services and advanced technologies that makes NHC a sought-after partner for organizations across the mid-market and enterprise realm. Contact us today and start enjoying the benefits of an NHC partnership.

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