Always On, Always Up-to-Date Cloud Security Is Within Reach for Your Customers

Wouldn’t it be great having total peace of mind knowing your clients’ networks are protected? NHC’s recent partnership with Check Point Software Technologies brings CloudSecure™ to the table – offering best-in-class, always up-to-date cloud security to your customers.

It’s hosted in the cloud and protects on-premise, cloud, and branch networks as well as endpoint and mobile devices from cyber threats. Your clients also see the following benefits:

  • Latest and always up-to-date security
  • Elasticity and scalability
  • Under 50 milliseconds latency
  • 99.999% uptime
  • APIs that automate new site on-boarding
  • Privacy via GRE or IPSec tunnels

Utilizing On-Premise Security Still Carries Risk

As enterprises continue to move their on-premise workloads and applications into SaaS environments, SD-WAN routes traffic to cloud services via broadband and to data centers through existing MPLS lines.

But connecting branch offices to cloud services is risky because the branches are no longer protected by centralized data center security.    

NHC CloudSecure™ solves this problem by seamlessly delivering the latest security solutions available that protect branch offices from advanced and targeted Gen-V cyber threats. 

CloudSecure™ Goes One Step Further

Unlike other solutions that just detect threats, NHC Sandblast Zero-Day protection utilizes cloud-hosted sandblasting technology that quickly quarantines and inspects files by running them through a virtual sandbox to discover malicious behavior before it enters the network.

CloudSecure™ will not burden your IT staff by saddling them with deploying and maintaining responsibilities. It supports your teams by adding advanced threat detection capabilities to SD-WAN and router deployments. Here’s the roadmap:

  • Easy set up process
  • Routes network traffic from existing edge SD-WAN devices
  • Tunnels the traffic through primary, cloud-based security service at a nearby location
  • Provides redundancy via a second connection to ensure branch offices stay connected
  • Removes operational overhead of deploying and maintaining cyber security 
  • Covers hundreds of thousands of devices and reduces overall costs

Malware is actually detected during the exploit phase before hackers can apply evasion techniques attempting to bypass the sandbox. This innovative solution combines cloud-hosted, CPU-level inspection and OS-level sandboxing to prevent infection from the most dangerous exploits: zero-day and targeted attacks. 

Additional Cloud Security Benefits

CloudSecure™ also includes application control and URL filtering to enforce safe web use. IPS, anti-bot, and antivirus all protect customers from cyber security threats. HTTPS inspection safeguards companies from threats trying to hide inside encrypted HTTPS channels. 

Lastly, we deliver a fully consolidated and connected cyber security architecture that protects on-premise, cloud, and branch networks as well as endpoint and mobile devices from advanced persistent threats. Threats identified on one device can be automatically propagated as an IoC (indicator of compromise) to protect branch, mobile, and cloud-hosted assets from the same zero-day threat. 

We’re Continually Working Hard for Our Partners and Their Clients

This newest partnership with Check Point Software Technologies demonstrates our level of commitment to you and your clients. If you haven’t yet explored a partnership with us, feel free to contact us today so you can start selling CloudSecure™ and extend these managed security services to your clients.