Four Reasons to Consider Business Fixed Wireless

Fixed wireless internet has gained ground on wired solutions over the past few years. There were an estimated 88 million fixed wireless connections in 20221 – but despite its growing popularity, it’s still a relatively unknown technology compared to other wireless options like mobile and satellite.

Fixed wireless delivers wireless broadband between two fixed points using radio signals. With business fixed wireless, a receiver installed on your building receives data via radio signals from your internet service provider’s tower. For a fixed wireless connection to work, it must be within around 10 miles of the tower and have a clear line of sight. However, deployment is fast and easy since it requires minimal equipment, and it’s a more cost-effective option than installing a new cable or fiber infrastructure.

Because of its ease of use and reliability, fixed wireless offers many benefits to businesses. Keep reading to learn about four reasons you should consider business fixed wireless for your connectivity needs.

1. Quick Installation

Since fixed wireless doesn’t need complex wiring or equipment, it can be installed quickly and easily. As long as your service provider has a tower or base station near your premises, setting up a fixed wireless connection is just a matter of installing a receiver and connecting it to your router. This means your company can have internet up and running in a matter of days rather than weeks or months.

2. High Reliability

Unlike satellite and traditional wired internet, fixed wireless is less susceptible to issues that can cause unplanned downtime. Today’s fixed wireless providers use a radio frequency that is hardly affected by weather conditions, so your teams will always have access to a reliable internet connection – even during bad weather.

Fixed wireless delivers fast connectivity – even in bad weather.

3. Fast Speeds

Business fixed wireless provides high-speed connectivity comparable to fiber-optic and cable internet services. And as more companies depend on the cloud for daily tasks, a fast connection is especially important. With fixed wireless, you can download and upload large files quickly, stream video calls, and run cloud-based applications with ease.

4. Flexible Bandwidth

Fixed wireless internet is scalable, making it an ideal option for growing businesses. You can easily add more bandwidth to support new employees and locations or downgrade as needed without the hassle of having to reconfigure your network or infrastructure.

Get Started With Fast, Cost-Effective Business Fixed Wireless

No matter the size of your business, fixed wireless internet can provide the high-speed connectivity you need to stay competitive in today’s digital age. With quick installation and flexible plans, fixed wireless is an excellent choice for businesses looking for a reliable, scalable wireless network solution.

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