Cyber Security Threats Impact Businesses of All Sizes – Big and Small

It’s no secret there are more ways than ever for cyber criminals to invade organizations, no matter their size. A once hardened network perimeter is now blurred and porous to cyber attacks.

With the popularity of cloud computing and network-connected smart phones, creative cyber thieves are unleashing more attacks1 – seeking to exploit a variety of weak points to gain access to networks to steal sensitive information and data.

Cyber Attacks Keep Growing – Both in Severity and in Number

The growth of breaches represents an increasing trend that shows no signs of slowing any time soon. The rush to implement remote access protections during the pandemic played a key role as cyber criminals were able to ramp up their efforts with much success.

Data breaches expose sensitive information that puts users at risk for identity theft, ruins the reputation of businesses, and leaves companies liable for compliance violations.2

The most common types of cyber attacks include:

  • Malware.
  • Phishing and spear-phishing attacks.
  • Drive by attacks (backdoors and application vulnerabilities).
  • Weak and stolen credentials (password attacks).
  • Social engineering scams.
  • Too many permissions.
  • Insider threats.
  • Improper configuration and user errors.

Reducing Cyber Risk Requires a Holistic Approach

The best way to counter cyber threats is to employ a multi-pronged approach to security with advance protections. Organizations must stay on top of the status of security controls, tools and applications, coverages, and cases of behavior that deviate from normal activity.

Connectivity is only valuable to an organization if it’s secure, and the increased use of cloud services translates to new threats that can make in-house security difficult. 

THE Communications StackTM employs the holistic approach that businesses need. From monitoring to advanced threat detection, smart managed security looks inside out 24/7 to make sure networks are protected.

Prevent and Detect Cyber Threats With Comprehensive Security Solutions

When your customers hand over their cyber security needs and concerns to a managed security provider, the experts take on the burden of keeping systems up to date and monitoring the business. Leveraging this expertise also offers cost savings, scalability, and reduced workload for your clients’ employees.

The managed services layer of THE Communications StackTM adds richness and thorough capabilities to your customers’ network performance, enabling them to focus on their growth, not their IT. The Stack provides both monitoring and management with advanced threat detection and other tools for continuous, always-on protection. 

Businesses with the best in-house security talent may lack the resources to fully protect their networks, but managed services within THE Communications StackTM steps in and plugs the gaps.

NHC Can Help Fortify Your Clients’ Network Security

If your customers lack proper cyber security, THE Communications StackTM is the answer. Contact us today to discover how easy it can be to bring your clients the most advanced cyber security solutions from the industry experts. Partner with us to sell the Stack, and turn your customers’ worries into opportunities for the betterment of your bottom line – and theirs. 

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