Ensure Comprehensive Connectivity for your Clients With Managed WiFi & 5G Business Internet

Your clients expect reliable connectivity and fast remote access. You can provide them with the business connectivity services they need with 5G business internet and managed WiFi solutions. 

NHC has launched STACKfi managed WiFi to take the burden of creating and implementing their own WiFi network off your clients. You can be the hero who gives them the reliable connection they expect – and help them save money on initial outlay expenditures and ongoing maintenance costs.

Instead of spending valuable capital on their own network, your clients can concentrate on business development projects that impact their bottom lines. Additionally, they’ll have more time to devote to growing their business and focusing on their customers.

What Is Managed WiFi, and How Can It Help Your Clients?

Managed WiFi delivers reliable internet connectivity with dependable remote access, ongoing management, and maintenance included. This provides a lot of value to organizations with remote employees, or with workers who tend to access networks from multiple locations while they are out in the field or traveling. 

In today’s hybrid work environments, your clients would benefit from bringing managed Wifi into the fold. It makes it easier for them to keep their teams connected – and they’ll enjoy peace of mind knowing there are experts in their corner they can call when connectivity issues arise. This is especially convenient if they don’t have a full IT team they can rely on to solve technical problems.

Managed WiFi gives your customers:

  • Improved user experiences – More reliable connections enable better user experiences with customization options that maximize performance.
  • Scalability – Scale access up or down as needed over time to handle seasonal fluctuations.
  • Improved security – Layered protections ensure secure access and connectivity, whether a business has 10 or 100+ end users.
  • 24/7 tech support – Your clients will thrive with always-on tech support to handle problems and limit network downtime.

Adding 5G Business Internet Sets Your Clients Up for Success

5G is taking business internet to the next level – and your clients can go along for the ride. Businesses can tap into this technology for improved speed and performance, unlimited capacity, reduced video streaming jitter, and a reliable failover solution whenever power is unavailable. 

5G business internet also brings new, advanced technologies into the mainstream. Automated systems like edge computing, AI, and internet of things (IoT) become more accessible to businesses because of the introduction of 5G.

Here are a few of the benefits businesses realize when adding 5G into the mix:

  • Enhanced innovation – Improved connectivity via Verizon’s Ultra-Wideband network enables improved efficiency for next-generation network use.
  • Improved speed and performance – Lightning fast speeds of up to 100 Mbps with no data limits, throttling, or overages. 
  • Dependable failover solution – In the case of a power outage or inability to access 5G, Verizon 5G business internet automatically provides access to the 4G LTE network until the 5G connection returns.
  • Improved collaboration – Providing solid connectivity translates into better communication capabilities – which results in more efficient teamwork for your clients.

NHC’s STACKfi managed WiFi solution paired with 5G business internet connectivity powered by Verizon creates a tremendous sales opportunity for our partners to create exceptional customer experiences for their clients – all backed by superior advanced technologies.

We’re Dedicated To Helping Our Partners Help Your Clients

NHC is dedicated to doing everything we can to help our partners deliver unmatched customer service and experiences. Our new partnership with Verizon is a prime example of that level of commitment. 

Contact us if you have questions about our STACKfi managed WiFi service or want to discuss ideas for offering 5G business internet powered by Verizon to your clients. If you’re a business that’s searching for new partnerships, visit our partner page for additional information.