How NHC’s Partner Program Helps You Support the Work Transition Era

As businesses continue to navigate the new work environment – shifting from working in the office to remote locations, then back again – now is the perfect time for your customers to evaluate their remote access security and company-issued and employee-owned device protections. It’s also the perfect time for you to solidify your customer relationships by helping them upgrade their outdated IT technology and processes. Sound like a tall order? Not with NHC’s partner program, it isn’t.

If your customers don’t already have the right technologies in place to handle work transitions smoothly – of which there may be more as the year progresses – NHC’s partner program is the answer. We provide proven reliability and unbeatable customer service for your customers as well as industry-leading compensation for our partners.

A New Phase Awaits

Nobody truly knows what the next wave of changes will look like, but one thing is for certain: there will be new challenges to overcome.

The key to solving these issues – and ones we haven’t encountered yet – is being flexible and nimble. Your customers will likely pivot from one working arrangement to another. It will be up to you to help them navigate these shifts by making sound recommendations on their IT infrastructure and security measures.

By helping your customers get the right solutions for their business, you can rest easy knowing they are in good hands as they rely on our unique products and services that revolutionize the way they do business. You can also relax knowing you have us backing your recommendations at every turn while you develop a long term win-win relationship with them.

The Communications Stack for a Holistic Approach

NHC’s partner program – along with the Communications Stack – provides a holistic approach to covering your customers’ IT technology and security needs. This comprehensive solution ensures complete protection during work transitions.

If your customers only utilize part of the Communications Stack, they are falling short of complete protection with maximized network capabilities.

For example, if a customer of yours is only leveraging our network services, their overlay capabilities are limited. By adding our overlay services, they could enjoy comprehensive collaboration tools that enable their employees to communicate more effectively and efficiently with their clients. This is especially the case during work-from-home periods with solutions including video and audio conferencing, cloud storage, mobile apps, and more.

Additionally, if your customer isn’t incorporating our managed services, they are only partially protected against such threats as ransomware, malware, viruses, and data breaches. This is especially troubling if they don’t have a dedicated team of IT professionals monitoring and maintaining their networks 24/7 while guarding against cyber criminals and hackers.

We’re Here to Help

Having NHC in your corner will give you peace of mind knowing you have access to our full support, advanced IT technology, and always-on security measures to help you take care of your customers no matter what happens next.

Contact us today to join the NHC partner program that enables you to be your customers’ go-to for all things technology.