How Wireless POTS Solutions Modernize Business Communications

POTS (plain old telephone service) lines have long been the standard in business communications. But with the FCC’s plans to eliminate POTS across the country and more providers replacing their copper wire infrastructure with internet-based fiber optics, it’s clear that the time to move away from legacy solutions is now

However, the impending shutdown isn’t the only reason why businesses are leaving POTS lines behind. In this blog, we’ll discuss how NHC’s new wireless POTS (WPOTS) solution can help you connect your customers – and grow your business.

What Is Wireless POTS?

With NHC’s wireless POTS, you can help your customers migrate from copper-based phone lines to an intelligent, all-in-one solution that runs on a dedicated wireless network. WPOTS enables businesses to reap the flexibility and cost-saving benefits of wireless technology with secure, continuous communication.

WPOTS is ideal for:

  • Essential phone lines
  • Fax machines
  • Security alarm panels
  • Fire alarm panels
  • Elevator phones
  • Public safety phones
  • Building entry phones
  • Point-of-Sale systems

Benefits of Wireless POTS

Replacing your customers’ legacy phone lines with our WPOTS solution offers tremendous value. They can continue using their existing communications devices, safety systems, and alarm systems while saving on monthly phone bills. Other benefits of switching to wireless POTS include:

Simple Migration

Migrating to our WPOTS solution is quick and easy, especially since organizations can continue to use their existing systems. WPOTS devices can be attached to the wall or placed on any flat surface, making for an easy installation process.

Increased Visibility

Our user-friendly, intuitive web portal makes it easy to manage all WPOTS devices across every site. Additionally, IT teams can configure SMS and email alerts to stay on top of power outages and low battery issues. 

Flexible Deployment

Businesses can gain the redundancy and reliability needed to stay connected during outages and disasters by configuring our wireless POTS to provide LTE failover for mission-critical VoIP lines. 

Remote Management

With WPOTS, your customers can rest easy knowing their systems are always up-to-date and secure. Our highly-skilled experts monitor all networks remotely and provide automatic software updates, allowing IT teams to focus on other critical tasks instead.

All-Inclusive Solution

Help your customers troubleshoot POTS challenges easier. With WPOTS, NHC is the all-in-one provider for every hardware, data, and phone service need – without any monthly rate “surprises.”

Deliver a Wireless POTS Solution That STACKs With NHC

Modern organizations need future-proof solutions to stay ahead of ever-evolving business technology demands. Help your customers leverage the benefits of wireless technology without undergoing a costly, time-consuming migration process with NHC Wireless POTS.

Why choose NHC’s WPOTS solution? For only $39.95 per POTS line, your customers can enjoy the following features and more:

  • Unlimited domestic calling
  • Deployed using nationwide LTE
  • Each device supports up to four POTS lines
  • NFPA 72 and UL 46 certifications

Ensure your customers have everything they need to thrive with THE Communications STACK provider™.  Contact the NHC sales channel today to learn more about how selling our wireless POTS can help you grow your business.