Managed WiFi Services Are Now Mainstream as Remote Work Continues

With many companies continually depending on employees that are working remotely in the post-pandemic era, ensuring teams have dependable internet access is imperative. 

One of the most valuable assets an organization has in its technology arsenal is their remote access technology. And with so many U.S. businesses continuing to offer work-from-anywhere options to their employees, having dependable WiFi is essential for business continuity, data protection, and compliance.

Outsourcing this responsibility makes sense for many organizations that don’t have the budget or manpower to manage this very important communication tool themselves. Your clients will be able to bank on having reliable WiFi for their employees year after year by transitioning to managed WiFi solutions

Managed WiFi Delivers Many Benefits 

There are many benefits of managed WiFi that your clients need to be aware of, including:

  • Cost effectiveness – Establishing secure WiFi for an entire organization isn’t an inexpensive proposition. Outsourcing to a provider removes the capital expenditure requirements and ensures ongoing comprehensive support for your clients – while saving them money.
  • Improved security solutions – Layered protection from a knowledgeable provider ensures secure access and connectivity no matter how many end users your clients bring on board.
  • Increased productivity – Your clients won’t have to worry about their WiFi going down once it’s managed by someone else, which allows them to focus on their main job responsibilities and projects.
  • Scalability – Access can be expanded over time as your clients grow or ramped up quickly during peak busy seasons.
  • Improved and dependable user experiences – Your clients shouldn’t have to worry about their internet going out, and it’s safe to say none of them have time to waste troubleshooting unreliable connectivity. A managed WiFi provider takes over that responsibility while offering customization options designed to maximize performance.
  • 24/7 technical support – Perhaps the best reason to offer outsourced WiFi management to your clients is that it provides them with always-on tech support to handle any problems that arise and limit downtime and prolonged outages. 

We’re Here to Help You Deliver the Benefits of Managed WiFi

The bottom line is that your clients would really benefit from having managed WiFi solutions they can depend on to make their lives easier. Once they have a provider, they can “set it and forget it.” 

Having a provider gives your clients peace of mind and someone to call in the case of an outage or technical problem. This is especially handy if they don’t have a stable full of IT experts at their disposal.

If they are skeptical of the value, share this example with them: you can think of a managed WiFi provider like car insurance. Insurance may seem like an unreasonable expense up front, but when accidents occur, everyone is glad they have it.

NHC offers managed WiFi solutions as part of the Communications Stack, which helps make it an easy sell. Contact us to learn more about our STACKfi™ managed WiFi or if you have any questions.