Managed Services Protects Remote Assets

The managed layer of The Communications Stack amplifies the overlay technology, tools, and applications, as discussed here

A solid firewall and other security features are included to protect devices and network access from cyber threats as employees are tasked with remote work.

To ensure solid protection and security, companies should not overextend themselves by managing these services on their own – as the threats are all too real. It’s best to rely on a proactive partner to provide the most effective layers of protection and the ongoing management they require. 

Our managed layer includes the following services:

  • Security – Cyber security monitoring with advanced threat detection and other tools for comprehensive, multi-layer protection
  • Firewall – Tailored traffic protection that encompasses the entire perimeter of your network and helps keep remote access secure
  • Voice – Modern voice communication with scalable, flexible, and full-featured solutions that can reduce costs and provide greater remote functionality
  • SD-WAN – Robust plug-and-play controlling that optimizes critical traffic for better network performance

Companies don’t always have the necessary resources and manpower to protect their own networks. Our management layer introduces a more effective, more affordable route.

When companies outsource these vital remote protection responsibilities, they receive expert service that lessens the amount of time they spend on managing security – enabling them to focus on growing their business and serving their customers. They also enjoy substantial cost savings, network scalability, and reduced technical workload. 

Managing and maintaining networks is a full time job, so adding remote responsibilities on top of that could be disastrous. Outsourcing these responsibilities makes things easier on everyone.
Ensure you have the resources to protect remote work initiatives with the management layer of our Communications Stack. Contact us today, and start your journey to peace of mind about your technology.