NHC Accelerates Auto Dealer’s Technology and Connectivity

Slow, unreliable networks cause many headaches for business owners, and this is especially true for dealerships that rely on technology to help sell cars and trucks.

Many dealers attest that with so many customers starting the shopping process online, inefficient networks can kill a sale before a potential buyer even leaves their home. If customers can’t view the inventory in a timely manner, they bail and move on to the next dealership without batting an eye.

The Problem

The Gurley Leep Automotive Family was attempting to keep 36 retail franchises across 22 locations connected with outdated network technology. They were leveraging legacy telco services with copper and POTS lines for all their locations.

This didn’t just result in poor network performance for online shoppers. It impacted on-site customers who were attempting to view make and model videos, access their financial information, and test-drive new vehicle onboard connectivity features before completing the sale.

The Solution

Gurley trusted NHC to provide advanced solutions for their network and connectivity problems in the form of a customized package that contained elements of the Communications Stack Network: overlay and managed service solutions.

NHC implemented a new access layer with LEC fiber and broadband, along with SD-WAN to connect all locations to the new network via dependable access points, private tunnels, and cloud gateways for enhanced communication and collaboration.

To further enhance the network and provide ongoing solid security, Gurley also added NHC’s managed services to protect, monitor, and maintain their network technology. All dealership locations are now able to track their backend network processes through a dedicated customer portal that delivers real-time communications and reports for all network events.

Lastly, NHC upgraded Gurley’s outdated wire telco network to a Voice Native SIP service that  routes all calls over an internet connection for seamless, reliable, and cost-effective VoIP communication. They also enjoy SMS for ultra-convenient, instantaneous dialogue with customers.

A Very Satisfied Customer

NHC implemented a secure, virtual, and managed network for all Gurley Leep dealer locations. As a result, the dealerships benefit from clearer calls and improved system uptime.

“Thanks to the help of NHC, we were able to take copper out of the equation,” said Mike Gordon, Director of IT at Gurley Leep. “Our service has been noticeably better, and we haven’t suffered from any unplanned network outages or dropped calls since the migration.”

Gordon also commented on the improved customer experience.

“There’s nothing more embarrassing than trying to process a car loan or exchange information with headquarters and encountering a slow and inefficient network. It’s a bad look for the business. Thanks to NHC, we now have ultra-fast connectivity and enough bandwidth to stream resource-intensive presentations like video for customers.”

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