NHC’s Partners – and Their Customers – Are Priority One

Integrity is not just some fancy word to us. It’s our first brand pillar, and it means everything. It means our partners don’t have to choose between satisfied customers and good compensation – they get both because we treat their customers as if they were our own. And that means we all sleep well at night. 

Over the past 20 years, we’ve deepened our dedication to customer experience – striving to provide the best experience for both partners and their customers. Our goal is to be a trusted partner that guides businesses along the path to growth via technology implementation and ongoing management. 

If our partners don’t succeed, we don’t succeed. We pride ourselves by delivering a comprehensive communications experience with white-glove service for our partners and their customers – enabling solid growth for both. But talk is cheap. How do we do all that? 

A True Story of Our Level of Commitment

One of our partners has a domestic logistics customer that started with them and us in 2002. They weren’t a very big company back then, but they had a few facilities around the world in various countries. Every so often we would introduce new products and services into their network, and they were on board every time.

Eventually, this logistics company was acquired by a very large global competitor. Right after the acquisition, they immediately needed to upgrade their WAN technology to a robust and complicated SD-WAN system complete with cloud security, edge, and firewall.

During the acquisition period, we introduced a series of proof of concept (POC) technology options for the customer. We implemented a series of SD-WAN appliances and bridged their sites into our fully-managed SD-WAN service. We also rolled out Palo Alto security to the edge to ensure solid security across all appliances. As a result, our partner not only retained this customer through its acquisition but was able to expand the account.

How It All Played Out

That work completely integrated the larger global company with our customer. The two company networks were merged into one, and that put them on a ramp to further evolve into the cloud. They not only were able to scale their WAN technology but also their software and infrastructure services.

Because of the work we did, our partner was able to keep the (now larger) account in house instead of going with the larger company’s technology vendor. Had we not successfully launched the upgraded network and SD-WAN appliances, our partner may very well have lost the entire account.

We were thrilled to be able to help our partner not only keep the account but also grow their bottom line overnight. Ultimately, saving this account and income for our partner is an emblem of why we do what we do. Mutual success and growth for all is at the heart of our integrity.

Is It Time for You to Work With a Partner You Can Trust?

If you and your customers aren’t getting the red-carpet treatment that either of you deserve, we’re here to help. Enjoy our superior dedication to customer experience that differentiates us from other vendors. Contact us to see the difference.