Organizations Turn to SD-WAN to Support Remote Workers and Provide Dependable Network Access

Businesses will continue to maintain remote workforces well into 2021 – and likely beyond. Because of this remote shift, IT teams have the challenge of ensuring remote workforces can run on safe, optimized networks that prioritize video and audio collaboration. They need enough bandwidth to handle the transmission of large files, while implementing remote security and support on an unprecedented scale1.

As your customers continue their work-from-home setups, it’s vital for you to offer solutions to them that can handle peak-time usage and support their geo-dispersed teams. That’s where SD-WAN comes in.

Organizations all over the globe have turned to SD-WAN to meet these new accelerated broadband demands. In fact, SD-WAN is no longer a hip alternative to MPLS. It’s an essential networking component.

If Your Clients Haven’t Yet Incorporated SD-WAN, They’re Behind

SD-WAN-specific providers have seen their enterprise customers expand SD-WAN remote access dramatically since March 20202.

Additionally, remote user traffic increased between 800 to 900%, and traffic to hub locations have increased by 10% for private data center applications and storage access in the same timeframe.

Companies that have SD-WAN in place are faring these spikes and navigating these changes better than ones without. With SD-WAN, they can manage peak-time traffic, enable remote workers to collaborate over cloud-based applications with no latency, and ensure the ability to send large files with video, graphics, voice, music, and more. Businesses that are hoping remote workers can hang on to simple home network connections are seeing the productivity setbacks associated with lack of traffic prioritization and security.

It’s Not Too Late to Catch Up

If your clients don’t have SD-WAN in place, we can help. NHC cloud-centric SD-WAN provides a variety of edge management capabilities with an on-ramp for organizations that have not gone completely into the cloud.

Here are some of the benefits your clients will enjoy with SD-WAN:

  • Underlay network agnostic: Use any network – your clients’ or ours – no matter the location.
  • Cloud-native: Our gateways use cloud application hosts such as AWS and MS Azure to ensure your clients’ cloud applications remain secure.
  • Centralized orchestration: Our orchestration plane centrally manages configuration and real-time network monitoring, while managing the data flow through the SD-WAN overlay network.
  • Sophisticated WAN edge appliance: Our WAN edge appliance is lightweight, thin, and rackable and requires zero touch as it’s provisioned from the cloud.
  • Stackable bandwidth: Transform your clients’ individual, inexpensive bandwidth links and put them to work as one big connection while eliminating downtime.

Partner With the Industry’s SD-WAN Experts

Our partners know that we put the needs of their clients’ first with on-time service delivery and no surprises. They appreciate how our SD-WAN rectifies the traffic issues and security concerns their clients face.

If you’re not completely satisfied with your provider, or if you’re looking for a partner that delivers exceptional results, contact us today to see how a partnership with NHC can benefit your clients and your bottom line. Our Communications Stack provides comprehensive network, collaboration, and security technology solutions, along with 24/7 managed services to protect and maintain your clients’ investments.

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