Set Your Clients – and Yourselves – Up For Success in 2021 With UCaaS

We’re pretty certain that you’re ready to see 2020 fade away – and your clients are likely in the same boat. As they wrap up the year and look ahead to 2021, now is a great time to help them save money by incorporating unified communications as a service (UCaaS) into the mix. As an added bonus, you can also easily grow your bottom line at the same time – a win-win for all!

Help Your Customers Flourish

As a large portion of your clients and employees continue to work remotely, effective communication and collaboration tools and apps remain essential for staying in the loop and keeping in touch. UCaaS ensures businesses have the right mix of cloud-based platforms that deliver tremendous cost savings – but that’s not the only advantage your customers will realize.

UCaaS delivers collaboration technologies such as voice, messaging, file sharing, and video conferencing from a single application or platform. Users are more productive and efficient and benefit from more agile business processes(1).

And because UCaaS solutions are on the lower end of the capital expenditure slate, businesses of all sizes can easily incorporate them into the mix. A hosted UCaaS solution enables access to the latest technology and functionality, lowers administrative costs, comes with a guaranteed service level agreement (SLA), and offers a level of expertise that can be difficult to achieve internally.

The benefits don’t stop there, as indicated by the following points. Organizations and their employees can also:

  • Connect to any device and collaborate across one platform
  • Control cost spikes
  • Detect inefficiencies
  • Manage calls better
  • Share files securely and easily no matter where they are

Equipment Takes a Back Seat

Because UCaaS is hosted via an offsite cloud-based platform, there are virtually no additional equipment requirements to optimize it. Organizations can realize an easier, more expedient set up, fewer maintenance requirements, greater spending flexibility, improved agility to change course if needed, and a larger range of features and functionality(2).

Only the most basic equipment is needed for most UCaaS platforms. A network of telephones with or without handsets and a dedicated routing system will suffice as a starting point for launching UCaaS.

A transition to the cloud offers so much potential because traditional PBX systems are inefficient, expensive, unreliable, pose security risks, and often result in poor customer and employee experiences. They don’t have the capacity to keep up with modern business processes and typically lack outside support.

Your Clients Need Hosted UCaaS

If your clients have not yet considered a hosted UCaaS solution, now is a great time for you to stress the benefits of implementing one.

IDG Quick Pulse reports that 28% of small and medium-sized organizations have chosen hosted UCaaS, and another 56% plan to incorporate it into their network in 12-36 months(3). Organizations that choose not to invest risk falling behind their competitors – and history is filled with once-dominant brands that refused to adapt and embrace change.

Here are the five most prominent benefits of outsourcing UCaaS:

  1. Increased business speed and responsiveness – Employees can engage with customers and each other across more channels faster and more reliably, and organizations can tap into world-class capabilities in a matter of days or weeks.
  2. Reduced or more predictable costs – When companies retire obsolete legacy networks, maintenance costs and license costs decrease because companies only pay for what they actually use.
  3. More streamlined operations and billing – Many organizations employ a variety of solutions, each requiring specialized support and vendor management with different costs, contracts, licenses, and renewal dates – all of which are eliminated with an outsourced provider.
  4. Greater flexibility and scalability – Businesses grow, evolve, and change, but legacy systems don’t. UCaaS gives organizations the ultimate flexibility to build out their communication networks on their timeline. 
  5. Enhanced security – UCaaS providers prioritize security, so businesses can rest assured their communications are protected from cyber threats.

We’re Here to Help You Help Your Clients

If your clients would benefit from a partnership that delivers comprehensive UCaaS solutions, NHC can help. Contact us today and connect them with a secure, cloud-based communications platform that provides many advantages while reducing costs.

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