Small Business Challenges Require Flexible Solutions

Many small businesses are hurting right now and feeling rather isolated during this crisis. They are burdened with closures, financial hardships, and the ongoing need to maintain a remote workforce if they are able to stay open while staff works from home. Many were counting on federal aid to help keep them afloat, only to see the funds run out before they could even apply. There is no projected time frame for emerging from these restrictions. Indeed, times are tough.

NHC is here to be a lifeline to small businesses in any way we can. We pride ourselves on being flexible enough to successfully complete projects that many providers wouldn’t touch. We understand that flexibility is the true key for many small businesses, and we aim to reflect that concept in our nimble, professional approach to project management.

To us, there is no such thing as a “small” project. We have gone the extra mile to set up a wireless router in a store, sync new computers with a cross-town office, or even repair just one POTS line.

A Real-Life Example

That last example is actually a real project from a request made by a partner. His friend ran a pawn shop and needed help for the smallest of the small projects. Here is the story from our partner, Rod Capobianco, Principal at Whitecap Technologies:

“As a favor for a friend who owned a pawn shop, I ordered one POTS line that he needed for an ATM machine. I called NHC for the job, but they could not get the phone line to work. I felt obligated to stay on top of this project because the owner is my friend, so the lack of connectivity became my burden. 

I got a call from an NHC team member at 8:30am on Sunday morning who said he was sending out a technician to fix the POTS line. Sending out a tech on a Sunday for just one POTS line is special. NHC knew that not only was this seemingly trivial project important to me but also understood that no project is too small, which I greatly appreciate.”

Leverage Our Expertise

All our partners and their customers gain access to our knowledge and expertise. 

We will not turn down any projects because they don’t seem worth the time. Your customers have direct access to our engineers for any technical support issues on day one.

Reach out today, and get started on the way to a great partnership with NHC.