Top 5 Benefits of SD-WAN

Software-defined wide area networking (SD-WAN) solutions are becoming increasingly popular as more businesses seek greater network agility, performance, and cost savings. SD-WAN adoption increased by 47% last year, and analysts expect 81% of global WAN sites to implement SD-WAN technology by 2026.1 In this blog, we outline the top benefits of SD-WAN to help you see how upgrading your network can transform your business and help you stay competitive.

1. Improved Network Agility

Adding bandwidth or making configuration changes to traditional MPLS networks can be complex and time-consuming. SD-WAN allows IT teams to quickly scale bandwidth up or down so you can add new locations to the network in minutes rather than days or weeks. SD-WAN solutions can also intelligently route traffic in real-time to improve performance, enabling your business to respond faster to changing needs.

2. Simplified Network Management

With SD-WAN, management is centralized in a single console, eliminating tedious manual configurations and making it easy to deploy consistent policies across the entire network. Comprehensive analytics and visibility into your network’s traffic paths also help improve day-to-day tasks like troubleshooting and monitoring.

3. Enhanced Performance

SD-WAN can dynamically route network traffic based on pre-set policies to ensure your high-priority traffic is sent over the lowest latency path – while less critical traffic uses the most cost-efficient links. These solutions can also help avoid congestion and brownout issues by shifting traffic away from overloaded paths. Performance is higher than traditional MPLS networks as a result, so your IT teams can roll out new real-time applications with confidence.

4. Lower Network Costs

With SD-WAN, businesses can leverage cost-effective public internet connections to supplement or replace expensive private MPLS links, so you can optimize traffic and lower costs without impacting performance. SD-WAN also consolidates network functions like routing and security into a single solution, further reducing your networking costs.

5. Secure Connectivity

SD-WAN can help your business securely connect remote offices, data centers, cloud platforms, business partners, and mobile workers. Built-in security features like next-generation firewalls, IPsec VPN encryption, and application-aware traffic steering segment WAN traffic without requiring external security tools. SD-WAN also provides granular application and user policies to allow only authorized access, so you can adopt a zero-trust security framework more easily.

Unlock the Full Potential of SD-WAN with NHC’s Managed Services

From enhanced agility and simplified management to lower costs, better performance, and strengthened security, the advantages of SD-WAN are clear. But to help your business customers fully leverage these benefits, you need to partner with a provider who knows how to simplify network architecture – so you can focus on running your business instead.

NHC’s Managed WAN via SD-WAN offers a truly plug-and-play network, with all policies automatically configured and easy to manage from a distance. Instead of struggling to DIY a network solution, taking a managed approach can help your customers tap into the benefits of SD-WAN without the headaches of managing, maintaining, and supporting their networks. 

Ready to unlock the full potential of SD-WAN? Reach out to NHC today.