Top 9 Benefits of 5G Fixed Wireless Access

5G fixed wireless access (FWA) is changing the game for internet connectivity, offering businesses faster speeds, lower latency, and greater reliability than other wireless options. And with 5G connections expected to double over the next two years,1 more organizations can leverage 5G FWA for convenient, cost-effective connectivity. 

Read on to explore the top nine benefits of using 5G FWA for business internet:

1. Fast Speeds

5G FWA delivers ultra-fast speeds with no data limits or throttling, so you can deliver optimal connectivity for your remote and in-office teams alike. This fast connectivity enables uninterrupted, high-quality video conferencing, file transfers, and more.

2. Easy Installation

Unlike traditional wired connections that typically require extensive infrastructure, 5G FWA is easy to install without any cable drilling or wiring. All your business needs to deploy a 5G internet solution is a 5G-enabled SIM card and compatible devices.

3. Reliable Backup Internet

5G networks are highly available and built with redundancy measures, making them a more reliable backup connectivity solution than DSL or cable. If your primary link goes down, the 5G backup kicks in quickly to ensure your business operations continue running smoothly.

4. Low Latency

5G technology offers very low latency – typically only one millisecond.2 This means there’s very little delay between when you send a request on your network and when you receive a response, which is critical for real-time business applications like video and VoIP calls.

5. Cost-Effective

5G FWA delivers high speeds and capabilities without the huge costs of laying fiber cables, making it a more cost-effective solution than wired options that require hefty upfront investments and ongoing maintenance costs.

6. Mobility and Flexibility

5G FWA isn’t just limited to the office; it’s also portable. With 5G FWA, your remote and hybrid employees have an easy, flexible solution for high-speed business internet – no matter where they’re working.

7. Advanced Security

5G networks have the latest advanced encryption and security protocols built in to protect against cyber threats. And because wireless connectivity provides enhanced security compared to open cable networks prone to tapping, your critical data stays safe from prying eyes.

8. Greater Scalability

5G technology allows connections to be easily scaled up or down to match your changing business needs. This future-proof scalability ensures your network will support your growing bandwidth requirements, even as you add more users or devices.

9. Limitless Innovation

5G FWA opens the door to endless innovation for your business. With 5G FWA, you can deploy applications like HD video conferencing, virtual and augmented reality, smart sensors, and other technologies to help your business grow now and in the future.

Leverage the Power of 5G Fixed Wireless Access With NHC

With its unmatched speed, reliability, and flexibility, 5G FWA is the future of business connectivity. Whether you need a cost-effective backup internet solution or a flexible solution to support your on-the-go employees, NHC can help you get started with our super-powerful 5G FWA solutions. 

At NHC, we leverage our nationwide carrier partnerships to deliver the best business connectivity for your end users’ needs, including our 5G Fixed Wireless solutions. Help your clients take advantage of our 5G network’s fast speeds, expanded capacity, reduced jitter, and more – so they can enjoy next-gen customer experiences with next-level performance.

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