Why Your Customers Need Managed Security in 2021

Businesses of all sizes have been migrating to a larger digital footprint over the past few years, and this migration has affected network security dynamics. The days of organizations depending on basic firewalls or antivirus platforms for protection are long gone. 

The rise of the digital transformation evolution and advances in technology have made the need for heightened security measures necessary, paving the way for the overall growth of managed security and fortified cyber security markets.

The following movements have also contributed to the growth of managed services and how it benefits businesses:

  1. Increased use of cloud technology
  2. Rapid rise of remote work and remote access in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic
  3. Ever evolving cyber threats born from creative schemes and social engineering scams of cyber criminals

As Cloud Technology Continues to Boom, Are Your Customers’ Security Efforts Growing With It?

As businesses incorporate more cloud-based platforms, tools, and apps into their technology mix, new threats can make handling network security in house a losing proposition. 

Organizations should no longer rely on outdated security measures that require LAN connections. Cloud-native applications require a different level of security. As the applications grow increasingly dynamic, the security needs to adhere to the same standards.

Here are a few examples of cloud security tools your customers should have for a fortified, multi-pronged approach:

  • Intrusion detection systems
  • Top-of-the-line perimeter firewalls
  • Internal firewalls for databases and apps
  • Data encryption
  • Multi-factor authentication for access

The only drawback for these enhanced protections is the added expense that your customers face with in-house IT.1 However, working with a managed security provider can help minimize the labor costs associated with implementing and maintaining these security measures. 

Cyber Threats Keep Evolving – Necessitating Advanced Threat Detection

Cyber criminals are one of the few “groups” that enjoyed all that came about in 2020. The work-from-home pivot and remote network access spike created a new “super highway” onramp that made their hacking jobs easier.

A University of San Diego study detailed the top cyber security threats of 20202 and noted a host of new cyber security threats that have kept technology professionals on high alert and are placing data and assets of companies at risk.

And another recent report states that cyber crimes have increased a whopping 600% because of the pandemic.3 An uptick in phishing schemes is the leading indicator, followed by rising rates of malware and ransomware attacks.

Phishing attacks that target digital messages are on the rise and becoming more sophisticated. Ransomware attacks cost victims billions each year. Interestingly, the rise of the cryptocurrency markets are fueling these attacks by allowing the ransom to be paid anonymously.

The internet of things (IoT) is making laptops, tablets, smartphones, smartwatches, appliances, and even home security systems more vulnerable to cyber invasions and infections. Once hackers gain control of these devices, they can create havoc and lock them down for financial gain.

All these threats are becoming real problems for businesses of all sizes. Organizations must remain vigilant and take all precautions necessary to protect their data, assets, and reputation on a 24/7 basis – and this is precisely why managed security continues to be the preferred modus operandi for businesses that are serious about keeping cyber criminals at bay.

In-House IT Security Teams Can’t Deliver 24/7 Protection

As professional security personnel shortages challenge the IT industry – coupled with the rise of new-age cyber attacks – it is difficult for in-house security teams to stay on top of all the threats that lie just outside the front door of their networks.

It’s one of the major reasons outsourcing to managed security shows no signs of slowing anytime soon. Managed security – especially from an expert provider such as NHC – offers:

  • Cyber security monitoring with advanced threat detection and other tools for comprehensive, multi-layer protection
  • Tailored traffic protection that encompasses the entire perimeter of your network and helps keep remote access secure

And more.

We’re Here to Help

If your client base is lacking the resources for high-impact security, we can help. By partnering with us, you’ll be their hero – selling THE Communications StackTM that provides all the security resources your clients need and relieving them of the burden of managing it on their own.

We’re looking forward to sharing more about our new CloudSecure and EdgeSecure with SD-WAN products in 2021 as part of our dedication to customer security. Get in touch with us to learn more about these exciting new products.

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