Why Selling Communications Technology Through One Provider Makes Life Easier

In today’s business technology marketplace, there’s a horde of providers that sell communications technology. Organizations have their pick of the litter when it comes to IT and telecom solutions. With such a saturated market, businesses often end up mixing and matching their technology platforms from two or more providers – thinking that is the smart way to go.

But these patchwork, piecemeal approaches cause confusion and headaches for all involved. Sometimes applications don’t speak to each other, or one provider’s solution is incompatible with another’s. If anything, billing is definitely more complicated. There is a better way. Read on:

Leveraging One Provider Offers Many Benefits

When organizations use one single provider for all their IT products and services, they maximize the cost of their technology – and get more bang for their buck. They don’t have to wonder if they are overpaying because customized bundles deliver more products and services for less.

For businesses that decide to use more than one provider, they rob themselves of the opportunity to maximize their IT budget. They also spend more time communicating with different vendors and increase the chances that issues can either slip through the cracks or take longer to correct.

When one provider is responsible for your customers’ network performance, components, and security, they shoulder the load and make sure everything is running smoothly 24/7. When multiple vendors are in the equation, it becomes a game of “he said, she said” or “who’s on first” whenever problems arise and immediate solutions are needed.

It’s easier and more efficient when one provider sells communications technology and hosts your customers’ network services, applications, and cloud-based collaboration tools. And when they’re also responsible for the ongoing monitoring of their entire network, you can sit back and enjoy a worry-free experience and put your focus back on your customers.

An Incomplete Stack Means Depleted Performance

Here’s another scenario that doesn’t stack up well. Let’s say your customer decides to add the latest overlay services packed with new communication, storage, security, and collaboration tools, along with ongoing monitoring services to keep everything safe and secure.

Now let’s say they apply all these shiny, new cloud-based apps and security measures on top of their old, outdated, inefficient network. The results aren’t pretty. It’s like serving filet mignon on top of a paper plate – it works, but takes away a lot of the enjoyment (performance).

Additionally, utilizing an outdated network results in security risks that could potentially derail a brand new investment – like driving a new car with bald tires on a wet road – you don’t want to do it.

We Can Help

NHC’s Communications Stack offers a complete network, application, and security solution all in one place, under one roof. If your customers could benefit from a comprehensive solution, contact us today and we’ll partner with you on selling communication technology and building a customized bundle of products and services to bring them into the new roaring twenties.