Five Questions to Ask When Shopping for Wireless Business Solutions

Today’s businesses rely on mobile devices to support their remote and hybrid work initiatives, making your wireless business solution more important than ever. Wireless data made up nearly 45% of all business internet traffic in 2022,1 so if you haven’t invested in wireless connectivity yet, now is the time.

It’s clear that most businesses will turn to wireless networks in the next few years, but choosing the right wireless business solution can be overwhelming. Should you go with a familiar option like cellular? Or would a cost-effective fixed wireless solution perform better?

In this blog, we’ll go over five questions you should ask your provider to ensure you get the best wireless business solution for your company.

1. What Type of Wireless Network Is Best for Your Business Needs?

Not every network type will fit your company’s specific situation. If your business is located in a remote or rural area, you may not have access to mobile network services but can still have fast, reliable wireless internet with a fixed wireless or satellite connection.

2. Can the Solution Scale as Your Business Grows?

Your business is bound to grow and change over time, which is why choosing a wireless business solution that can scale alongside your business is vital. An internet provider that can scale to meet your needs now and in the future will allow you to add new users and technologies – without having to switch to a new solution down the road.

3. How Much Security Does the Solution Provide?

Security is a major concern for any business, especially when it comes to wireless networks. An estimated 47% of U.S. businesses suffered a cyber attack last year,2 so securing your wireless business solution should be a top priority. Be sure to ask your provider about the solution’s security features, such as encryption, to keep your data and your customers’ information safe at all times.

47% of U.S. businesses suffered a cyber attack in 2022

4. How Easy Is It to Set Up and Manage the Network?

If you don’t want your IT team stuck troubleshooting connectivity issues all the time, you’ll want to choose a solution that is both easy to set up and manage throughout its lifetime. Look for solutions that offer fast deployment – such as fixed wireless – as well as easy-to-use management tools.

5. What Level of Customer Support Is Available?

Around-the-clock customer support from your wireless internet provider is essential, especially considering roughly 60% of all network outages cost businesses $100,000.3 Without a fast response from your provider during an emergency, your business could lose a significant amount of time and money – which is why the solution you choose should include 24/7 support.

NHC: Your Single Source for Wireless Business Connectivity

While there isn’t a quick answer to which wireless business solution will suit your needs best, many businesses have success with fixed wireless connections. Not only is fixed wireless comparable to cable and DSL in terms of speed, but it performs better than satellite and cable-based internet in bad weather conditions as well.

If you’re still not sure which type of wireless network is right for your business, NHC can help. We provide network connectivity anywhere, including our easy-to-deploy fixed wireless connections. Contact us today to learn more.