Your Clients Need 5G Business Internet – Here’s Why

Organizations of all sizes and industries realize the importance of having reliable internet connectivity. When it’s not available, that’s when its value is most appreciated – akin to when the air conditioning goes out on a hot summer day.

As the popularity of 5G internet continues to increase, businesses are leveraging the many benefits that it provides: improved speed and performance, unlimited capacity and reduced video streaming jitter, and a reliable failover solution in the event of power outages – just to name a few.

5G is one of the most powerful technological improvements launched in the last decade, as it provides faster uploads and downloads, lower lag times, and overall greater capacity. It will also bring such technologies as internet of things (IoT) and edge computing into the mainstream over time as more people gain access and are exposed to products that rely on these advanced system automations.

Secure Dependable 5G Solutions for Your Clients

Your clients will realize the following benefits as a direct result of having superior 5G connectivity:

  • Improved speed and performance – Lightning fast speeds of up to 100 Mbps with no data limits, throttling, or overages. 
  • Enhanced innovation – Improved connectivity via Verizon’s Ultra-Wideband network enables improved efficiency for next-generation network use.
  • Dependable failover solution – In the case of a power outage or inability to access 5G, Verizon 5G Business internet automatically provides access to the 4G LTE network until the 5G connection returns.
  • Improved collaboration – Providing solid connectivity translates into better communication capabilities – which results in more efficient teamwork for your clients.

Planning for the Unknown Offers Additional Business Protections

If you have clients that work in industries that are deemed infrastructure critical, recommending backup internet solutions may save them in a variety of ways in the future. First responders, businesses in remote areas, and others that experience adverse conditions will also benefit from failover solutions that provide access protections.

Organizations in healthcare, government, agriculture, farming, supply chain, logistics, transportation, energy production, and manufacturing have a lot riding on their ability to stay online. For them, having a reliable connection with dependable backup is smart business, especially if they have employees that work from remote locations. 

NHC 5G Connectivity Offerings – Powered by Verizon

NHC is proud to partner with Verizon to bring ultra-fast 5G business internet connectivity into the fold. We’ve gone to great lengths finalizing Verizon’s 5G service offerings for the betterment of your clients. Selling this 5G solution to your clients helps empower them to create excellent customer experiences that help drive their businesses forward.

Consider positioning the failover solution as insurance for your clients’ business. If they don’t have dependable backup access, their online communication will suffer if their power ever goes out. This is especially true if they engage in ecommerce ventures or online sales. 

NHC Is Here to Help Our Partners Help Their Clients

We’re dedicated to do everything we can to help our partners deliver unmatched customer experiences, and this new partnership with Verizon is proof of that. Contact us if you have questions about this new service or want to discuss ideas for offering 5G powered by Verizon to your clients.