NHC’s STACKfi Managed WiFi Is a Game Changer for Your Clients

On-the-go wireless access is a must have for today’s consumers – and to be perfectly frank, much of the success of your clients’ businesses depends on it. Most purchases are now initiated and completed on mobile devices, and failing to offer technology that fosters top shelf customer experiences doesn’t bode well for organizations that are behind the times.

Because of this all-important trend, NHC has created STACKfi. It’s an all-inclusive managed WiFi service that provides your clients and their customers the fast, open WiFi access they expect. Read on to learn about the private wireless access your clients and their employees need to stay connected securely and efficiently.

What Does NHC’s STACKfi Deliver?

To meet modern business demands, NHC created this comprehensive, fully-managed WiFi service that includes all system design, configuration, installation, and ongoing management on a 24/7/365 basis. STACKfi means your clients won’t have to deal with the burdens of setting up and managing their wireless networks on their own. 

You’ll help your clients save on high initial outlay costs – and give them back time to focus on their customers and handle their business. 

Additionally, we’ve included ongoing WiFi network and access point maintenance to ensure complete coverage and connectivity. Up-to-date firmware and patches are also provided whenever needed for network component maintenance.

We’ve made it as easy as possible for our clients to sell STACKfi as part of the comprehensive solutions of THE Communications STACK™. Once you highlight the advantages and benefits described below, your clients will realize it’s a no-brainer decision that helps them create best-in-class customer experiences. 

Having Managed WiFi Provides Your Clients With Advantages Over Their Competition 

Adding managed WiFi into the fold provides your clients with several advantages, including remote access technology and lower costs.

We’re sure many of your clients are continuing to offer remote work setups to their employees and contractors in the wake of the pandemic. With this, it’s essential for them to have managed WiFi for business continuity, data protection, and compliance.

Here are a few of the many advantages your clients will enjoy with STACKfi:

  • Improved User/Customer Experiences – The last thing your clients need is their internet going out and negatively impacting their business. STACKfi monitors connectivity with customization options designed to improve performance.
  • 24/7 Tech Support – Your clients will be able to relax with always-on tech support to handle any issues and limit downtime and extended outages.
  • Scalability – Access can be expanded or contracted according to the needs of a business. Scale up during peak times and down during slower periods.
  • Cost Effectiveness – Implementing secure WiFi for an entire organization isn’t cheap. Outsourcing removes the capital outlay expenditures and ensures ongoing support for your clients while saving them money.
  • Improved Security – Our managed WiFi solution includes layered security protections that safeguard access and connectivity no matter how many users your clients need to bring online.

Questions About Managed WiFi? We’re Here To Help

If you have questions about STACKfi and how you can better position it for the benefit of your clients, contact us and one of our technology experts will be in touch. We’ll be happy to walk you through the solution in detail so you can expand on the great benefits your clients will realize – and share how our managed WiFi solution will help their businesses thrive.